Reachruck driver
publié le 30-9-2021
Conducteur de chariot élévateur à fourche (m/f)
type de job
temps plein
type contrat
jobs fixes après intérim
transport, logistique et transport aérien
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Description de l'entreprise

Mmmm. Exciting. New. And fun. Your new date? No, of course not! This is your new place of work! An exciting, new and fun project to get into!

The company you will be working for is specialized in logistics processes. The management, storage and transportation of goods are the basis of the company. But who it is, is top secret!

Description de la fonction

A new challenge full of surprises?
Then this reacher job is really for you! Or would you rather work as a multi-skilled reacher? That's also possible!

You'll be...

> Responsible - you take care of the transport and movement of goods in the warehouse.
> Super gentle - because you have to handle the machine with care.
> Careful - because you have to follow the safety rules.
> Initiator - you make suggestions to improve the functioning (of the cooperation).
> Communicative - you are not afraid to have a conversation with the manager and the administration. A serious discussion over coffee, of course! Don't forget the cookies!

As a multi-skilled reacher, you will perform the tasks of a reacher, but there is also a part of order picking.

Tes atouts

- A reacher certificate in your wallet or preferably at hand.
- You have a good command of Dutch, French or English. But you don't need to be a language expert.
- Respect the agreements concerning the execution of the tasks.
- Respect the safety rules and procedures.
- Lifting techniques have no secrets for you.
- A real go-getter! Because giving up is not in your vocabulary.
- Stress? No, of course not! You are totally relaxed while working.


- The possibility to work on a single project.
- You can choose your shift. Early, late, night, ...
- You start in September
- A salary of 13,56 €. And in addition:
- Meal vouchers : 8 euros
- Travel allowance
- Kilometric allowance from 5 km private or by bike
- Accessible by public transport
- Large parking available
- ...

Takes this opportunity now! You are ready !

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